Öckerö gymnasium

A good start

The day started with a knock on our door. 03:30 AM. I woke up to Marta, a girl from the other watch, talking about the weather outside. All I remember was her saying something about it being cold, a bit rainy and that she herself was wearing many layers of wool. Since I only arrived at the ship yesterday, this would be my first night watch. That also meant that I was the most well rested person in my watch and my mood was at its best.

My first task was to steer the boat. I was informed that we were trying to get as close to the wind as possible, otherwise, we would be heading straight to the north pole instead of close to Iceland. It was a bit tricky when I first took over the steering wheel, it’s always like that. It takes some minutes before you get the hang of it. The rest of the watch the weather stayed almost the same. The only difference was that the wind increased which made Gunilla pull starboard, and as a result, I had to keep the rudder blade pointing 10 degrees port to keep the course. Before going to bed again, at eight o’clock, we all went for breakfast. Eggs and bacon were being served and pancakes for the vegetarians.

Right now, the weather is quite steady and only a few are feeling seasick, but we’re told that we’re going to have some tough days ahead of us. Keep reading our blogs to see how we’re doing then :D!



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