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A hell of a day

First day at sea has been rough for everyone, either you feel sick, headache or seasick. Today I has seen more people puke than laugh. Maybe that sentence explains this whole thing.

Today one in the watch before me woke up my cabin at 3.30 am and I started working 4:00 am in the ”byssan”. Byssan are the kitchen aboard were we cook all food. And you may wondering how often are we eating? We eat very often, almost to often. But I personally think it’s a good thing, cause while you eating you feel so much better. And you almost forget the sea sickness. Especially while you chew, because your brain has another focus then the seasickness.

During the watch I made toasts with cheese and salami for my watch Midship. The “fika” (that’s its called in Sweden when you eat something little, like a sandwich or a piece of cake) was served at 5:00 am. At 5:15 am almost everyone was full and satisfied.

After my watch ended at 8:00 o'clock I sat on a bench with some friends, we just stared at the horizon, to try getting over our sea sickness. At the same time someone puked just in front of us. After that some of us (including me) laid down on the deck to catch breath. Knäckebröd (a hard type of bread from Sweden) were giving to them who felt the worst.

At 4:00 pm my second watch for the day started. This time we learned about sailing terms. Cloudy and a little bit of rain in the air was the weather like.

Our command decided we couldn’t sail, cause the winds weren’t right. So the ship has been going on motor all day.

So this day has been rough, but I see light in the tunnel. Tomorrow is going to be better and the day after that is going to be even better, and so on. I now have to try have a good a spirit and keep on going.

My warmest regards,

Alicia Brandt



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