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It´s 7 am and a brand new day has just begun in Gibraltar. The ship slowly wakes up, and its crew tiredly gather for breakfast. It doesn´t matter how much sleep you get while traveling with Gunilla, getting out of bed will always be the biggest challenge of the day. However, today there is much to be done onboard! Today is the day we leave Gibraltar for Càdiz. The whole crew is longing to set sails and let the wind take hold of the ship.

The rain is pouring from the sky. I am quaouling when I see Gibraltar and La Línea slowly shrink behind us as the ship leaves the harbour. Someone calls my name and I remember that my job for coming half hour is to steer the ship. I realize that this will be my third time steering Gunilla through the breathtaking Strait of Gibraltar. With Marocko on my left and Spain on my right I can’t help but feel a strong sense of purpose. It feels so right to be here, passing through one of the most important sea transportation paths. I think about all the sailors that have passed through here before me, explorers and tradesmen.

The watch passes slowly but we don’t mind as the weather gets calmer. When the watch ends at 12 the sun is warmingly shining down trough the sails. I decide to spend my free time on deck, in the sun, with music in my ears. Soon we have reached the halfway point of our travel and I am trying to be as present as I can. I know that I will be looking back at this journey with a warm smile, knowing that I made the most I could every day.

Tomorrow morning we reach Cádiz, where new adventures await.

Wish you all the best!



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