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Almost an ordinary day on Gunilla

This day started the same way as every other day here on Gunilla for midship. We woke up at 03:30 and started getting ready for our watch that starts at 04:00. And like every other day it’s always just as hard to get up in the morning.

Today my position in the watch was workforce, which means that I’m helping the watch leader with whatever he needs help with, such as bowse down a halyard or climbing up in the rig and setting or dowsing the sails. Me and the others in the work force didn’t do much, we practiced dowsing the sails and different names on the ropes to make it easier to do things onboard.

After the watch we didn’t do much at first, I read and wrote some e-mails to my friends and family at home but almost everyone else in midship slept, I should have done that as well now that I think about it because I’m quite tired all the time. But today’s 10 o’clock fika was some fresh fruit and it made me so extremely happy because the night fika was nyponsoppa and dry bread. The fresh fruit really made my day, I’m usually a person that dances when they eat good food and this day I danced quite a lot eating those pineapple and watermelon pieces.

At 16:00 we had our watch number two and there we had to practice dowsing down the sails if there would come a squal, which is a minor storm that lasts about five to ten minutes. Why we had to practice the ”squal maneuver” was because the watch before us, starboard, was hit by one. Thankfully many of the students in starboard have much experience of sailing and therefore it went well. My watch, midship, didn’t do as well though, almost all of us are beginners and therefore we have a lot more to learn. After we had practiced the ”squal maneuver” a few times it was time to flake the ropes, as we do after we’re done with anything that concerns the ropes onboard.

Then I wrote some pages in my diary like I do every day and after that I went to bed. This is a normal day for midship on Gunilla, except we don’t usually get fika that good.

Esmeralda Frejd Sa1922


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