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Always Raining In Great Britain

Today it was really sunny with a warm breeze of fresh air... except on the Gibraltar rock, that is Great Britain where it was raining. We did a lot of things today such as going to the beach for school purposes and after lunch going up on the Gibraltar Rock though as we were there it was actually not raining, but we were so high up that we stood in a cloud.

My day started early this morning, more exactly at half past twelve, when I had watch. My watch ende at half past two when i finally went to bed. These two hours where not very eventfullbut we accidentally locked the garbage man out. The gate to the quay was open and it wasn't sopposed to, we thought , so after one and a half hour of thinking about wether or not we would lock the gate or not we decided to do so and of course, five minutes later the garbage man came to empty the waste but he couldent reach it... oops

So after my watch I went to bed and the next morning, like always I went up ten to seven and ate breakfast. After breakfast we went down to Gibraltar to find different organisms on the beach, we found a seagull, a (sjöborre), some fish – one was white and hd black stripes and a weird red sqishy stone corall thing that we have yet to identify, though we think it's an alien. We went back to the ship to eat and after lunch we went to Gibraltar on a guided tour of the mountain

We went up the Gibraltar rock and saw lots of monkeys, went into a limestone cave, into an old castle and we had a really imressive view of the ocean and of the town below, sadly it was wery clouded and foggy so we coulden't see Africa from the top of the mountain.

Alex S Starbord


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