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An amazing day

Today was one of the greatest days ever. I had an amazing time with my friends and my self.

If I would begin describing today I would start with the amazing breakfast we had. It wasn’t a really special breakfast but everything was delicious. They prepared the same food the kitchen personnel often does. For breakfast we had heated wheat which today was special because it has another consistency. It was softer. It was smoother. It was better than any other time I have tasted the boat chef’s wheat. After I ate my warm wheat, which by the way I poured a lot of honey on top of it to give the wheat a sweet touch, I prepared my self a egg and caviar sandwich. The egg is usually over cooked or just not good cooked but today it seemed that the boat’s chef, John, really concentrated and got it just perfect. The yellow part of the egg, which is in the middle, was dry in the outside of the yellow part. And once I got more to the center of the egg it got smoother and more delicious. The combination of that egg and the caviar was a magnificent combination of flavors, which fully satisfied my hunger.

I often hear in the TV, movies or even doctors that the most important part of the day is in the morning. Without good food in the morning it may cause me or who ever it can be, to have a bad day physically and mentally. That is why I had a amazing day with beautiful and good feelings. If your read this John, thank you very much for the amazing food/day that you gave me.


Daniel Forsberg


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