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An amazing meeting

Exactly ten days left until we take our flight home.

Exactly ten days until some of us will leave the boat with a sad feeling, while some of us will leave with a feeling of happiness finally coming home. And some of us will feel those two mixed to some strange feeling that is hard to describe.

Today I saw what I have wanted to see the whole trip, dolphins. There where loads of them swimming beside the boat for a long time. There was even a baby dolphin. While everybody where standing on the forecastle amazed by the beautiful creatures one of our watch leader started telling weird facts about them. She talked about them being among the only animals raping and also that they where taking drugs in form of a special fish.

Like cream on top of the cake some dolphins also showed up during our night watch. The bioluminescence made the dolphins shine and glitter in green. They stayed for a long time, but after hearing the weird stories about them, I must say I was a bit scared.

Unfortunately we do not have many days left to see more water animals, but I think dolphins in bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon so amazing I will never forget it.

Maja O, Midship


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