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An annoyingly normal day

It is now one month left of this journey and one day left until we (hopefully) leave Cape Verde and start sailing across the Atlantic.

We have had an amazing time here with interesting people and beautiful nature but I think most of us are ready to continue. And after today it seems like we are
getting closer to leaving the harbour. Fuel has been refilled, rust has been removed and the roof of the kitchen has been scrubbed. Most of it was done by my watch as we were the ones working today.

It has, unfortunately, been a quite normal day, not ideal if I am supposed to write a blog about it. Even the greatest writer couldn’t make scrubbing away rust and cleaning toilets fun to read about. And to top the day of as incredibly boring you add the night watch.

Sitting at a chair for two hours staring at an empty harbour isn’t my favourite job but I was pleasantly surprised. The first hour was kind of slow since I sat alone while Vilma did the laundry but after that time passed quickly. Xochitl and I sat there and talked and drank tea for the last hour and a half. I had a really good time and I feel like I got to know her a little better.

Not everything we do here is fun but I feel like we are all getting better at just getting it done and helping each other.

Sara Arnesson



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