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An evening while on anchor

One, two, three rise up now, before you fall asleep again. When standing with two feet on the floor, you realize where you are and what is happening. Most mornings when I wake up, I have totally forgotten where I am, but after some seconds you notice.

Especially when you walk out in the hall and see your friends in the same tired condition as you are. Believe me when I say there is a talent to walk straight on a boat that rolls in every possible direction!

Today has been quite distinguish. We have been sailing from Cuba and today we arrived to Belize. My guard (starboard) has been having the 8-12 watch. Today we started at 8 am, but because of the various time zones we got an (the) extra hour...! Right now, we are at anchor outside a city called Dangriga, and tomorrow we will be able to go by a smaller boat into land to explore. I am really excited about that!

Living on a boat includes ups and downs. Everyone onboard has different ways to show their feelings and thoughts, though we all have much in common. There is something special about living with your classmates. I confess that in some moments all I want is to be alone for a while. It is demanding but I feel like all of us takes lessons from it too. And of course, most of the time it is wonderful as well. Such as this evening when we gathered on deck and watched a movie on one of the sails, under the stars with a glimpse of lights from land. Can you guess which movie we watched? If I’ll give you a hint, it is similar to what we are doing, besides that we aren´t pirates as far as I know...;)

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