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An eventful day

Hello, my name is Olle and today it is my turn to write the blog.

We started the day as usual at 07:00 and ate breakfast. Today is Sunday and every Sunday we eat eggs and bacon which is a really nice tradition, it tastes fantastic every time. After the breakfast we had our usual assembly at 08:00, it was as nice as every time. Then it was time for our watch to go snorkeling, so we took our little motorboat Berit and found a great place to snorkel where the water was crystal clear. When we came back from snorkeling it was time for lunch, we ate an extremely good tasting potato soup. After the lunch we had the chance to go to the mainland, where me and some friends decided to go for a hike. Unfortunately the hike did not go as planned, our path was cut off by a very deep ravine so we decided to go back to the village Tarrafal. But on the way back we saw that it was a football match, so we went to look at it. It was a big crowd that looked at the match and it was very noisy and fun to see how it works in Capo Verde. After the football match we decided to go back to Gunilla and just relaxed the whole night, it was really nice and well needed.

/Olle Pedersen


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