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An extraordinarily uneventful day.

Today started out like any other day on Gunilla. I got woken up at 07:00 and told to go eat breakfast, which I also did. It was a calm and waveless day which was really nice considering I’m usually quite moody shortly after waking up.

But after enjoying a mediocre and rather
tasteless bowl of porridge I was happy as ever. Since nothing really
happened this day, I’m just going to write about what usually happens
when you’re “arbetsstyrka” on Gunilla, and I might throw in something
fun at the end of the text to spice things up :-). Being “arbetsstyrka”
just means that you are available for any work that comes up during your
shift. If there is a lot of wind you might have to set a few sails, and
if the wind turns around, you’re the one who is responsible for taking
the sails back down again. And if it’s a calm day you can get all sorts
of tasks. I didn’t do much this day though. Nothing worth writing about
anyway. But I don’t se that as a bad thing. We have had our hands full
for like a whole week now so it’s nice to get a little break every once
in a while. Speaking of breaks, that’s basically all I did this day. In
your normal routine on Gunilla, a lot of food is involved. We have
breakfast at 7:00, the first fika at 10:00, Lunch at 12:20, the second
fika at 15:00 and dinner at 18:00. So that’s five meals every day with
15 minutes to eat at the fika breaks and 25minutes to eat at the big
meals. But I like to see the fifteen minutes as sort of a guideline for
the time spent on fika break. So today I spent about 50 minutes in total
in the fika room, and no one complained. I’m not trying to brag all too
much but I’m really talented at taking fika breaks. Something else I
seem to have a lot of luck at on Gunilla is drawing. A few weeks ago, I
started a wave of art enthusiasm on the boat. I’m not that good at
drawing, but I am pretty good at selling stuff. So of course, I sold my
art. I don’t know if I’m allowed to go out with the sum I profited from
my three paintings, but you probably wouldn’t believe me even if I told
you. So, my next and last painting is probably the most exciting thing I
worked on today. I hope you who’s reading this is having a more eventful



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