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A nice day

Today I woke up at 03:30 in the morning to have watch at four. I got up and took out some warm clothes, because it is still very cold during the night watches. So I took out my warm wool shirt and before I went outside I took on my sailing/rain clothes, not because it was raining but sometimes the waves wash up on deck and splash us. At 03:55 it was time for line up on half deck, we rang the bell and the watch before us went down under deck to sleep.

We started the watch with some morning yoga to wake up. Then we had a little project with some ropes. We did two more complicated knots. After an hour it was fika time and we went inside and drank some rosehip soup and ate some sandwiches with marmalade. 15 minutes later we were out on deck again and had our cups with us and continued with the ropes for a while. Then we changed the boat course and fixed the sails to the new course. We took down one sail, so me and three more went up to bring in the sails. I have a little fear of heights but it was okay today. I am not a very tall person which makes it a little bit harder but you learn how to cope with that. The side of the sail that I brought in was the one which looked the best afterwards.

We did some more small fixes with the sails and then we only had 20 minutes to do our deck wash so we did an extra fast one. We got off our watch and had breakfast, then I went to bed. We woke up at 11:30 and ate lunch. After lunch we studied and talked about Isafjordur. I studied English and swedish. Later at 15:15 it was fika time.

After fika I walked down to my cabin and took out the clothes I was gonna wear for my watch. This watch my job was to help serve food and do the dishes in the galley. It was a pork stew with rice and it tasted really good. After dinner we cleaned all the dishes and took away all the leftover food. We put all the leftover food in boxes and wrote the date it was made. Then we put them all in the student fridge. The student fridge is where we put all the leftovers and where students can come and take some food when they like, but they have to clean up after themselves and put everything they used back in its place.

Later at 20:00 my watch ended, I stayed on deck and called a friend then I studied some more and went to bed. Tomorrow me and a friend are gonna make chokladbollar for the night fika. (chokladbollar is a Swedish snack with oats and cacao).

// Vera Ringner


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