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An interesting day in Barcelona

Thieves in Barcelona are a serious problem especially pickpockets. You think it´s never going happen to you. But today i was wrong, unfortuanly it can happen to anyone, it happend to me.

Wait, now i´m getting ahead of myself. Today starboards watch had a day of so me and my friends decided to go out on the streets of Barcelona. After walking down a few streets, plus La Rambla, we stopped to eat lunch at Hardrock café. The feeling i had when i entered the doors can be described in four letters “OMFG”. Everything, from sealing to floor was amazing, all the gituars and clothes from diffrent artists were so cool to see in person. Instead of lunch i decided to order a brownie instead, and i´m not regreting it, it was the best brownie i´ve ever eaten in my entire life.

After visiting Hardrock café we desided to look for a secondhand shop so we started to go on the smaller roads. We found the most cool rock/ghotshops ever. After a few hours we found the seccondhandshop we were looking for, wich was nice.

But it was in this store it happend! My phone and wallet was stolen from me after ruffly 3 seconds. We looked everywere in the shop but we could´t find it, we tried to call it but it had been turned off, first then we understod that it had been stolen. The cashier said we sould go to the nerest policestation and should had been located 100 meters away, but unfourtunally it had been closed down. We asked a police on the street were should go and he showed the way to another policestation, but they could´t help us either. In short, there is a diffrent between the local police and the national becausa of the political situation in Catalonia.

After walking 3 kilometers we reached the right station. They weren´t the fastest, the short visit took us ruffly three hours. After that we went to a pizza place to eat because we hadn´t eaten food in 6 hours.

Over and out,

Hannah Johansson, Starboard Watch

And remember:

Don´t trust anybody!


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