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A normal day

Today was not so special, the whole day was as usual. we have 12-4 watch now so we woke up at 11 am and then can we chose if we will eat breakfast or lunch, I ate breakfast today and it was very good.

At 12 am we started our watch. today I was gallyrat with Emelie! That’s when you help the chef in the kitchen. The first thing we did was to serve food to 4-8 watch. Then we made new food to two watches and the main crew, we did the dishes, we served the food and we cleaned the kitchen. It felt like the watch ended very fast. The watch always ends fast when you are gallyrat because you do a lot of stuff all the time. When the watch where done, I flew down to the shower! That shower was the best shower in a long time.

After that I was free for eight hours. In 12-4 watch you have very long free time that means a lot of movie watching hehe. So, I have download a lot of movies that I am watching every day. today I watched a movie named Captain Philips. It was a very god and exiting movie and I really liked it! Then at 12 pm we went on watch again. We did not do so much. we made fika and cleaned the kitchen again. Then we went to bed at 4 pm.

Martin Vargas


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