Öckerö gymnasium

A normal day

The day started at seven with breakfast and we went on watch at eight.
Today, tar in the masts were on the workforce schedule. I was post and a
half hour in when I were lifebuoy guard a sea gull empied its stomach just above me. I was unprepared and couldn't do anything but it landed just a foot beside me. I suppose i was lucky it didn't land on me, it could have had a very bad outcome...

After the watch we had lessons and then at three at the coffee break we
got apple pie. Not a usual apple pie, because the the chef had put chili
in it. I had never tasted this before and to be honest it wasn’t my
thing, but the majority liked it.

For dinner we had a really tasty meatloaf and after that most of us
rested until the watch started at eight. This watch the working force
did stocktaking in the cabins and then it was the daily cleaning.
Everything went very well and after the night coffee, our watch leader
who is from Denmark, taught us a Danish game and then he told us two
weird stories that were supposed to be funny. And then another day at
sea was over.

Julia Norling, Starboard


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