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A normal Sunday with some fun activities!

Today started the same way it has for the last few days. Midship had their watch between 12-4, starboard 4-8, portside 8-12 and so on. On the
morning/nights shifts there is rarely so much to do. So to get the time going we read books, play games like ninja and are trying not to get to

The temperature is around 8 degrees Celsius.

Since I am starboard I finish my morning shift at 8, then we get to eat the best breakfast.
Yoghurt with granola, maybe a sandwich and porridge with sugar and
cinnamon. That is the standard here on T/S Gunilla. But today is Sunday so
we got egg and bacon! Very much appreciated. Next up is the best 2-3h
sleep you can get on this boat. After that, it is lunch and today it was
potato soup. I think it was alright. Another nice thing about Sundays is
that we don’t have any lessons. So starboard and portside took our
spare time and watched a movie. Men In Black. I was very surprised with
the content.

At 2 o’clock we had security equipment training. It
contained how to get someone injured down from the mast and how to move a injured person around the boas as safely as possible. We also went
thew the big first aid kit. It was very good for us to get familiar with
the equipment on the boat, because you never know when accidents happens.

At 3 o’clock we got some Swedish fika, and since Elise is turning 18
today, we got love mums on her request. We also had a very quick meeting
on halfdeck. Then at 16.00 it was time for starboard to have its night
watch. The first thing we did was a second cow-turn. That is when you
turn the boat around completely, and we did this because we have gone to
fast. The captain said we had to have the speed 4.2 knots but we had
6.5-8 knots instead, so we need to kill time. At dinner they served a
piece of meat with potatoes from the oven and sauce. A lot of
people enjoyed it. Then it was back out in the grey, cold and foggy
weather to drag in towers. What felt like one hour was four and it was
time for portside to have theirs. I am thankful now to live in the
smallest but warmest cabin, number 11. We have it very warm, as well as
number 12. But some of the cabins have a temperature problem.
Yesterday it was 14 degrees Celsius in some cabins. Today it is 18
degresse celsius, but that is still cold. They have gotten extra heaters in their cabins.

So to summary this day, it has been a normal Sunday with a lot of fun
activities. For everyone at home, I hope you are enjoying your last days
of holiday in August. We’ll see yall soone.

//Charlize Nyström in starboard


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