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Another day at sea

Now we have sailed for seven days with a shorter stop in the Netherlands, more specifically in
Scheveningen in Haag.

We had a good and fun time
here even if it was a short stop, it wasn’t what I wanted. I’m here to travel and see the world. Learnabout as much as I can, meet as many people and enjoy the time we spend here. Trough our eyes inour way, not eyes of a tourist and that’s how it felt. But it was just a one-day-stop and overall it wasgood and I got a few memories from this place now. The first days went pretty fast and time went

Then it slowly began to decline and the days began to feel longer and my constant enemy showsup more and more often, namely fatigue.Waking up every morning after ”purrningen” hasbecome more difficult everyday. The lust for Life
seems to flow from you and you would rather nothing more than continue to stay in your bunk(bed) for a little while longer. Today, however, it has quite easy to get out of the bunk after an interesting and instructive night guard. Because
Leo who is our ”överstyrman” here on the boat, had a lesson in astrology. It was a cozy moment with many shining stars. But after putting on my daily
work clothes, it was time for work. My biggest task today tas to be ”Rondman”, it means that you go round under your watch, one round every hour. A round consists of ensuring that nothing is wrong by checking larger parts of the boat. It man sound like a boring and unnecessary job but it is an extreamly important and responsible job that requires your attention.

The hours passed quickly and it has time to Line up for a change of Guard,
during this moment we found out that the next port would be Saint-Malo which is located in the north of France. It will probably be a very Beautiful port and it is a coincidence that we are staying in Saint-Malo because we are reading a
book that us taking place in that city. After the news it has time for lessons with Anne-Li and as usual I tas just as tirad of opening the computer and starting to study but Anne-Li has a little pep-talk and you get some little energy to do your
studies before the eyelids slowly begins to collapse more and more. But I am trying my best to keep my eyes open and to have a smile on my face, to having a great time, even with some setbacks.

Otherwise I hope everything is great back home.
- See you later alligator.
// Philip Lundh SA2023


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