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Another day on Gunilla

The alarm starts, signalling the start of the man overboard exercise. Despite being just a drill, the atmosphere turned serious instantly. The watches with free time rushed up on deck when they heard the alarm.

Since it occurred during my watch, we were already on deck working together to dowse all the sails as quickly as possible. Our commanders were shouting various commands which required careful attention to know what to do and when.

After completing the exercise, we had a line up where the commanders went through the exercise and one of the commanders told us that we had doused the whole main mast in less than a minute and finished dousing all the sails within three minutes. At the end of the line up, they also announced something we had suspected but were still thrilled about, a bath stop!

Everyone headed down to their cabins, after the line up, to change into togs. By the time I came up on deck, people had already jumped into the water so I did the same. Contrary to my expectations the water wasn’t as cold as I had expected, measuring up to 27 degrees. It was absolutely lovely.

After the bath stop, there’s the weekly big meeting on halfdeck every Sunday, followed by a watch switch, which meant that my watch now had free watch. I spent mine on some school work until I got bored and watched a movie with some people from my watch before I went to bed early to ensure I’m well rested for my night watch that starts at midnight. Goodnight!

Linn Käck Neutze

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