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An unpleasant surprise

After a minor chaos at midnight, our 10th day on T/S Gunilla went on as usual. Some of us working hard on bord. The others, exploing Gibraltar.

”NO! The sewage is blocked. The toilets won’t flush” My day started of outside of the students toilets in the middle of the night, were me and two other girls saw the awful sight of a flooded toilet.. Euw! We checked the other toilets, and yes they were all blocked and filled with shit. Other students that were still awake also noticed. Chaos onboard. Suddenly everyone needed to go on the toilet, for some reason. So someone ran away and woke up poor Klara (our watchleader), for help. Of course she couldn’t fix it, so, we had to wait for Hasse, the machine operator on Gunilla. Because he had gone down town for the evening to watch a movie at the cinema. But the time was now around 00.30, so tired as I was I went to sleep.

”Good morning cabin 2. Time to wake up. Breakfast in 10!” 6 hours later I woke up. The rondman (a student checking that everything on the ship is alright) was ”purring” (to wake someone up) everyone for breakfast. Eager to know, I asked her the one thing that came to my mind. ”Does the toilets work again?!” and to my relief she nooded. Hasse had fixed them as soon as he was back ombord, what a hero!

After breakfast we went up on deck for the daily morning gathering. Since we had a birthday boy with us, we sang for him, in the pouring rain. After that we began with todays work. Today was midship’s turn to work, which I’m a part of. Me myself were assigned to be ”backis”, meaning working in the kitchen. So we started making pizzas, which the birthday boy had wished to have for dinner, as the other watches (starbord and port) left to climb up the rock of Gibraltar.

The time is now 20.30. After 12 hours of toil in the kitchen, making pizzas with the cochroaches, I’m finally gonna go to sleep. Goodnight!

Isabelle Sundström, midskepps


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