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A pilgrimage to Santiago

The trip is going great thanks for asking. We could had been luckier with the weather though. All the weather applications have foretold drizzle and wind with 15-19 degrees all week here in A Coruna. We got lucky with the weather today with only a few rain sheds and a little sun shining thru the grey clouds in the middle of the day.

The plan for the day was to hike the last bit of the pilgrimage to Santiago. After the daily line-up at 8 o’clock we packed our bags and grabbed a lunch box, a taco pie with an apple on the side. We went of the boat to get on the typical bus ride we take on almost every trip, as usual it was late. We have gone on so many of those bus rides it’s become a tradition. We had two options: walk a 10km hike and see more of the landscape or walk 5km hike and spend more time in the city. I chose the 5km walk. It was nice to see the landscape and the old houses. Half way thru we got to a McDonald’s and of course we had to stop by to grab a bite to eat. When we got to Santiago, we all split up and Ellen and I walked from shop to shop and searched up the best rated cafes in the city. Santiago was filled with narrow cobblestone streets and small shops of jewelry, bake goods, souvenirs, cafes and bars. A few beautiful churches and cathedrals were also located in the middle of the city. The class met up 3 houses later by one of the cathedrals. Almost everyone was holding a shopping bag with some new cake or candy to try or just a souvenir from the city. I had bought a small bag of colorful rice and pasta at some raw food shop to tryout when I come home. After visiting the church, we got to the buss to ride back to the boat, I had a nice nap the way home.

As soon as we got back my two friends Karin and Villemo and I wanted to head out to explore more of A Coruna, we didn’t want to waist spending time at the boat. We wanted to try out a Thai restaurant our classmates had recommended but because of Spain’s siesta we had to wait till half past eight for the restaurant to open again. To kill some time, we went to a second hand were Karin bought a pair of jeans. We then spent the rest of the time in a food market looking at all the weird food and bunkering for the next voyage.

The Thai restaurant was really nice but we had to rush to avoid the rain and to make it in time to the boat. The last two hours of the day I spent laughing at y friends and trying the weird food I bought thru out the day.

Bye bye to everyone who’s read this

// Hedvig


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