Öckerö gymnasium

A playful beginning and a boring end

Through rough seas and rainy weather, Gunilla sailed steady. With unchangeable wind and a steady course, little to no alterations were needed to keep the ship sailing towards its goal. Because of this, little to no work was needed either.

Thus the 04.00 - 08.00 shift became time spent on games and cleaning… mostly playing games to be honest. 4 hours of hangman and playfulness made the time rush out of our hands and the shift came to an end. Like many others I prioritized sleep during my free time. Most days are spent like this, sleeping and working, with some school or friends in between. A breath take later and I was back out for my 20.00 - 24.00 shift. Although the sailing remained the same and most prepared for another shift of playfulness, my role this time around was a lifeguard. There are 3 roles, lifeguard included, with 3 people who rotate between these each half hour. These roles have an underlining of being quite idle. Although interesting when there’s many turn of events, with lack of things to do all you can do is try to enjoy your boredom. Needless to say, this shift felt endless. Supposedly boredom is good for you, but it never feels like truth when you have a handful of it.

Ludvig Johansson, portide


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