Öckerö gymnasium

A pretty normal day

The day started as usual with getting woken up at 07.00 to breakfast which started fifteen minutes later. To breakfast I had 2 new boiled eggs and a bowl of oatmeal. After breakfast I rushed down to my cabin
and dressed up for watch which started at 08.00. The weather was pretty windy and cold so I dressed up with sailing jacket and sailing trousers.
That morning I was jealous of you guys back in Sweden.

I was workforcebut there was like no work to do because the wind was coming directly infront of us which meant we couldn’t sail. Since we left England we
have basically only travled by engine which is dull and boring. But something that gave light to the morning watch was that our watch leader gave us each a cup of some crew coffee instead of the usual fast coffee which is disgusting.

After the watch we had lunch where we got surved cod with white wine
sauce and it was very good. After the lunch I headed strait down to
”stora mässen” to study. Because the days are counting down for arrival
at Öckerö it’s important to finish our last travel assignments. I
studied to dinner where we got surved fried rice which also tasted very
good. After dinner I took a nap before our night watch which started
20.00. The night watch was even more chill than the morning watch. The
two ”major” events of the night watch was the routine cleaning onboard
which we do every day. The other one was that we got new baked sugar
cake on our ”fika”.

Goodbye from Gunilla


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