Öckerö gymnasium

A regular day on the boat

Today I woke up 11:00am and went to take a shower. Then i went up to the little mess to eat lunch, tomato soup it was really tasty. After the lunch I had watch and today I was post.

In the start of the watch the captain talk about in witch direction we sailed in, and at thet moment we were sailing towards northern Canada. The Captain also told us that we are arriving Plymouth one day later than planned. I started with helmsman, it was a lot of waves so it was really difficult to maneuver the ship. In the middle of the watch Lucas, our second officer, had a lesson about different tank boats. It was really interesting. He told us about how you can see the difference between the boats on long distance at sea and much more. Then Leo, our watch leder had a lesson about Svalbard. He told us how Svalbard was founded and also some really interesting facts about the island like how you have to carry weapons at all time because of the polar bears. After the watch I went to bed and fell asleep



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