Öckerö gymnasium

A rewarding day in the sun

Work in the rig, food delivery and Bob the builder. One led to the other and all of a sudden, there we were, finished with all of our work at five o clock without having realized that the time had passed so quickly.

The day has been intense but with some magic from the galley and a sunny
weather, our watch has been a true delight!

The day started early as always, with a knock on the door and the message that breakfast will be served in fifteen minutes. I was quite tired this morning and wasn’t so excited about working on deck the entire day, but then I changed my mind. I stepped outside the door and my eyes were
blinded by the uprising sun. I could sense a good day was coming from that short moment. I rushed down to my cabin to get dressed, excited about being able to wear a T-shirt to watch for the first time so far on this trip. Then it all began- the intense watch that ended up being one of my favorite
days so far! Me and my friend got put at work in the rigging and with some ropes and yarn we made sure everyone will get to the top safely, well at least we secured the first rope that you step onto while climbing up.

Our work was cut short because of food deliveries, which we were all very happy about! The holes in the fridges had started developing and we wanted them gone. So that’s what happened! All hands on deck got involved and we started to lift all of the groceries to their places in a well structured line. The holes were filled and then we all celebrated with “fika” on deck and this day the “fika” didn’t consist of sandwiches only. Today, thanks to our amazing chefs onboard and three helpers we got chocolate balls!!! And I promise you, they must’ve put something extra in those chocolate balls, because wow what joy they brought to all of us all the rest of the day.



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