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"A rough night with a pritty view"

Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding… the bell rang as the waves slammed onto the hull. It was four a clock in the morning and we had just started hour shift. It was four a clock in the morning and my job tonight was to take shifts between being the lifeguard, look out and to steer the ship. As the night shift started some of my guard shift friends felt seasick,
mainly because of the four-to-seven-meter waves and because of the darkness.

Ding Ding… Ding. One hour and thirty minutes have now passed by and the
sun raised on the horizon on the starboard side of the ship. The sky got
painted in mixed colors of yellow, orange, and pink. The ones working
felt a lot better as they could stabilize their balance in the horizon,
and the night shift took a quick turn into the better.

Two hours quickly went by, Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding. The
last thirty minutes of the shift I spent on the lookout post, in the
front of the boat. The waves still slammed into the hull of the boat and
splashed upon the deck completely soaking me with water. I now saw the
next guard shift group take place on the half deck. I could quickly
realize that our shift had come to an end. Five minutes later the bell
rang; Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding. My guard shift friend
wished them a good shift and they responded with, “A good shift it shall

The rest of the day quickly past as we took our three last possible
hours of sleep before lunch and then we had some study time for about
three hours. In the afternoon we stood up on half deck once again and
the bell rang, Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding… Ding Ding. Hour shift
started, and the waves still slammed on the hull and the water splashed
up on deck.

Vilgot Hjort, Starboard


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