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Arrival day at Surinam

Yesterday we arrived at Surinam over the Atlantic. After not seeing land for 15 days we finally arrived at the final destiny. The weather was warm and we all put on mosquito spray before leaving the boat. We arrived in the middle of the day and my watch woke up at lunchtime to eat and get ready. Since Suriname can be unsafe and since it was about 20 years ago the school visited the country last time we had to walk in groups of 6 at all times. Dinner was going to be served at 19.00 and we had to be home by then.

We left the boat as soon as we got the chance to go and eat at McDonalds
it the city of Paramaribo. Everyone where really exited for the food
since it had been something we’ve all been craving during the trip over
the Atlantic. The hard part was exchanging and taking out money since
most of the bankomats either got our cards stuck inside or just didn’t
work for our types of cards even thought it said on the sign that
Mastercard normally worked. Thankfully some of us brought dollars from
the start of the trip which could be used in McDonalds and exchanged
into Surinam Dollars.

I ate a big mac with an oreo-ice cream, coke and fries. I don’t think
I’ve ever been as hungry as I where when we entered the McDonalds and
the happiness when we got our food was unbelievable and indescribable.
On our way to get the food we also saw a guy wanking on the street in
front of a synagoga. It was extremely weird and creepy and some of my
classmates even took a photo of him, I think at least some drugs where
included in this very special situation but it still really creeped
everyone out and shocked us all very much.

After the food we decided to look for some supermarkets to get some
snacks. I had watchdog with babord today and therefor it was good to
prepare some snacks the day before. Unluckily we couldn’t find a lot but
managed to get some water and juice for the walk back to the boat. I
think I’m going to try finding better snacks tomorrow instead because on
our way home from the school-visit we actually found a big supermarket
that we’ll try out.

When we got back to the boat we ate some spaghetti bolognese and had to
go to sleep early because of the school visit the day after.
Unthankfully to my friends the conversations on ”Backen” got a little to
interesting and we ended up sleeping like 4 hours. I don’t think it was
noticeable to the kids in the school though because I actually had a lot
of energy today for sleeping for 4 hours. Tomorrow we are visiting the
rainforest and McDonalds (again). Im really exited for both of them!




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