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Arriving in Lisbon

Today, October 7th is our last day at sea b efore arriving in Lisbon which is the port that I, personally have been looking forward to t he most. The excitement among the crew is more than noticeable.

The day before arriving in Lisbon is one f ull of expectations even though the trip between La Coruna and Lisbon only lasted for three days. This last day has felt like an eternity for me, since we’ve been sailing so close to the c oast that we’ve been able to see land all day. It’s been there all day, seemingly just within reach. Since I’ve h eard from some older students that Lisbon is the best c ity that we get to visit on this trip with G unilla, feeling like never getting there has been a nuisance. Fortunately, t he night watch just flew by.

When we started our w atch we could just barely see the lights of Lisbon on the horizon. After about an hour of hauling away at the braces a nd prepping for getting into port we were already entering the river that divides Lisbon into two p arts. We had a very nice night snack on the roof of the steering cabin, chocolate chip cookies a nd pizza sandwiches. After that the pilot came aboard and we continued prepping for getting i nto port. At eight bells we were all done with the watch and Gunilla had safely arrived. At nine o’clock we were finally allowed to go ashore.

Leo Forshufvud


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