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Arriving to Bermuda


After seven days at sea we started to see land at the sunrise this morning, the land we were seeing was Bermuda. The people who had watch became very excited to see it and started to prepare to go into the port. Unfortunately we had to anchor in the harbor until two a clock because there was another ship which was bunkering before they left. While waiting to go into port, we took a bath stop while we were anchoring. The sea has an amazing bright blue color and the water was so clear you could see the bottom from a few meters.

Port and starboard had free watch today, so everyone that could go into land was going out from the ship as fast as they could. Many people were going to the different beaches at the coast like Tobacco Bay or to Blue Hole Park. The Blue Hole Park was a nature reserve with some blue lagoons in which you could swim in and jump from cliffs that could be up to five meters high. Some lagoons were stalagmites caves that could be big as a house and you could go into different “rooms” in the cave.

Later in the evening we were going back to the city s:t George, to eat food and then go back to Gunilla. The prices in Bermuda are really high; you can spend 13 US dollars just by buying a plastic bag with six apples in it, which is pretty expensive.

Now everyone is back at Gunilla with a touch of sunburn and sand everywhere.




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