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Arriving to the last port

Today we arrived to our last port on our trip, Ft Lauderdale.

The days started with us being woken upp at 08:00 am. It wasn’t nice going up at that time because we went to bed at 04:00 am after our night watch. It did not feel better when the only reason we were woken up then was because we had to write our eye color and weight on a paper… But it needed to be done I guess. When we were done, I went straight to bed again. But around 11 o’clock we were roused again, and this time it was urgent. Everyone was screaming that we needed to be on deck fast because there was coming someone to control and give us our pass to the port. When I got up on deck I noticed that we had come alongside the quay. Then we lined up and slowly went forward.

At 01:00 pm me and my friends took an uber and went to something we thought was going to be a big second hand store, but it turned out to be a dirty mall. Then we decided to go to a bigger mall. There they had expensive stores, but really tasty food and an extraordinary gelato. It was the best thing I had eaten in several days, if not weeks.

Then we decided to go to a food store and we bought some candy. After that we took an uber back to the port. When we were on Gunilla again Ellen, Agnes and me had planned to watch the Fault in our stars, and it was still a very sad movie… When the movie was over, me and Ellen still had a lot of energy. That’s something that isn’t so good with the 12-4 watch. Our bodies have goten used to going to bed at 04.00 am, and now when we are in a port and have to go up at 07:00 am every morning, and it isn’t nice.

Wilma, Babord


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