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A sheep hair gel

The first day of 2019 onboard Gunilla started at midnight with our captain Hans hitting the ship-bell to celebrate the new year. This was fun although for us in the 4-8 watch this fucked up our sleep routine. Four hours later we got called to go on watch. The mood was really sleepy and there was almost no wind, which contributed to the mood. But after the the 5 o´clock snack eased the mood and when the sun rised no one even remembered that they where tired.

At 8 o´clock we ate breakfast and then i went to catch up on sleep. I slept until i got called for lunch and then we had lessons until four o´clock when it was time for watch again. Still no sight of wind although all the square sails where up.

Each new month we have a routine to grease all the leather details on the sails. Me and my shipmate Frans each got a jar of sheep fat and then we went up in the main mast. This could be a easy and kind of cozy job, although because there where no wind and therefore no pressure in the sails, they where moving a lot in the waves. First you had to reach for the sail, which was located a good bit above your head and when you then tried to grab som sheep fat from the jar hanging by your waist the wind would fill the sail and the whole thing would start to move. Although the struggle it was all worth it when we got the sunset from the top of the mast. When i got down my hair was full of sheep fat.



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