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A sky full of stars

Tomorrow we will arrive to our last stop on this journey, Lisbon. I´m really looking forward to explore Portugal, even though I wouldn´t mind sailing for some more days.

Today was the last day at sea. It feels strange that it´s about one and a half year until our next trip, I´m really gonna miss T/S Gunilla.

During our last night-shift I couldn´t stop thinking about what I just told you, that this was the last night-shift in a very long time. It's strange how much you start missing something when you understand that you're not gonna have it anymore. Even though the life on T/S Gunilla can be pretty hard, because of lack of sleep, hard work and homesickness, it´s worth every second. This is because all the good things make up for it, like seeing dolphins swimming in the water, surrounded by phosphorescence under a sky full of stars.

In less than ten days we will arrive to Sweden, sleeping in our own beds, eating all the food that we have craved for during the whole trip, meet all the people that we have missed and when I think of all this I really want to come home. In the same time all of this is left even in ten days and that´s why I should make the best of the time left. Because these next days are something that will never come back.

Miranda Olofsson



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