Öckerö gymnasium

A successful day!

The day started at 7 in the morning when I got waked up by the other watch. I am a morning person so I just got dressed and then went straight to breakfast without any problem.

7:55 we all lined up on main deck for our daily routine. At that time it wasn’t that cold and no clouds in the sky so I knew it was going to be a great day! After we had our line up I went straight to the big mess to clean all the tables from the breakfast, this because me and two others was going to work in the kitchen since it was our turn.

When we were done with cleaning up after breakfast we started preparing for Valentines day on Monday with baking some stuff. Every meal today was a success! It started with the first fika we got freshly baked bread (this was a success since everyone has complained about the bread every day). And then when it was time for lunch, everyone loved the lunch!

The lunch today was interesting because outside the port there were two submarines. We were clueless why they were there, but it was really cool to see them because I have never seen submarines before!

Back to lunch, since I was working in the kitchen I had to clean up. As soon as we were done with the cleaning I went outside in the sun to read in my book. It was warm, barely any wind and really nice! Last meal was also great, we had pulled pork in tortillas and everyone loved it. Then we ended the day with more cleaning before I went to bed.

Summarized I can say that this day was a success!

Anna Molin, starboard.


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