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A sunny day in Bermuda

Woke up, ate breakfast, had lineup, went to sleep, woke up, the crew took us on a snorkeling trip, went back, ate, slept, woke up, went out, ate icecream, went home, end of day.

The snorkeling trip was awesome, we went out with our two smaller boats about 5 nautical miles offshore to a shipwreck at about 10 meters depth. At first sight it looked like a pile of wooden planks but after a while i was able to map the pieces together. We found the propeller, the stern, pieces of the engine etc etc. The water was almost the same temperature as the air and it was certainly worth the trip.

You know that feeling when you’re freezing even though it’s warm outside? Imagine freezing in plus 25 degrees. I guess we’re just getting used to the heat but sometimes it feels like 10 degrees but in reality it’s warmer than most of the swedish summerdays. It is pretty cool how our bodies can adapt like that. As you probably can tell I really don’t have that much to write about, this was just another lovely day on Gunilla.

Pusspuss from Midskepps



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