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A tiny wind and a shallow sea

The day starts slow in hut eleven where I and my companions Uno and Milton lives.

The night sifts a few hours before was really getting on us. Some snooze time before breakfast was well needed to boost the energy for the day. Breakfast is as usual at 7.15 pm with oat, breed, eggs and some side toppings. Today starboard my guard and Midship had free time off, so I packed my back ready for swimming and diving. Then we all tog a nap to 10 pm so at the climate outside started to heat up a bit.

I choose a calm outfit for the day and move towards the cliffs on the other outer tip of the Uformed harbour. On the way there I shop some snack at the supermarket one of two in La Restinga where we are laid now. A small fishing town with extremely good local plates. A tip for future travellers is restaurant El refugin.

We all laid down at a big quadrat of tree plank to avoid the hard and sharp volcanism ground near the swimming and jumping site. I did some snorkelling because of the shallow sea and in the underwater caves I sae super small sword fishes, peacock a super colourful fish and Selfia a Moroccan white seabream. A very instressing site is that the crabs her in El Hierro are super-fast compared to other grabs I have seen around the globe, and it was impossible to catch them. I also tested some cliff jumping in very shallow waters because of the tied at the time of the day.It was about 1.80m in depth and from a height of 5-6m.

In the evening I did some work for my Spanish class, it was some formulas about food cultures in the canary island. This got me thinking about how much the fishing industry on El Hierro and the restaurant really needs each other, for their businesses to work do to not having any other export or import available for respective parts.

/Marcus Persson


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