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A trip to Normandie

Today started with breakfast at 07:15 and then we went up to deck for the lineup with our watches. After the lineup everyone went to their cabin to get ready for our day trip to Normandie where we got to see many different places related to the D-day. The bus that would take us there left at 09:00 so everyone was outside and ready to go by 08:50, when everyone was on the bus there was another lineup and then our day trip started and we were on our way!

The first stop we made was in Longues-sur-Mer after a 40 minute bus drive. There we walked around and looked at many batteries that the Germans and later Americans used during D-day.

The second stop was at a memorial place for the American soldiers that died during World War Two, here we got to se the hundreds of graves for the soldiers, the big and beautiful monuments that had been built in their honor as well as the Omaha beach from a bit far away.

The third stops was at Omaha beach where the western allies invaded the German occupied France. We ate walked around the beach for a while and while some students where sitting down eating ice cream others were bathing in the cold water.

The fourth stop was at more batteries that was used by the Germans, there we walked around looking at the batteries during a long stretch.

The fifth stop was at a memorial place for German soldiers which wasn’t as big as the Americans but it was still very interesting with on monument that you could go to the top of to get a big view of the German graves.

The last stop we made wasn’t connected to World War Two nor the D-day, but it was very pretty. It was in a city called Bayeux that had a huge and beautiful cathedral that we could walk and look around in The streets and houses along the road was pretty and we even had time to get some fika before going to the bus and driving back to Gunilla. Once we got back dinner was ready, so we sat down to eat and not long after that sone of us went to bed,

Josefin Johansson, Midskepps


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