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A trip to the beach on Shetland

Today we woke up in the beautiful capital of Shetland, Lerwick.

After the usual rollcall we quickly went down to pack our bags and change clothes before the bus tour around the island. We had not gotten used to that they were driving on the left side of the road. The whole crew lined up on the right side of the buss and awaited the bus driver to open the door when we realized that the door was on the other side.

After a few minutes we had already left the small town and the landscape opened up to endless extravagant fields. Somewhat an hour later we arrived to a lighthouse which were located on top of a hill. The view was amazing and we stayed there for 45 minutes. We boarded the bus again and headed to a beach were we from the road saw a lot of seals and sheep. Two fisher boats scared them away and we drove on to another beach where we stayed and took a bath. When we all were done, we visited 4500-year-old ruins were people ones used to live and have their farms.

We headed back to Lerwick where we ate lunch and enjoyed the nice weather, which was not so common in a place like this. After lunch we cruised the two only streets with shops and we found two second hand boutiques where we bought some clothes and souvenirs. Later we booked tables in a nice and maybe the only proper restaurant in this town, No. 88. We got accompanied by the teacher and the chefs which were not satisfied that we also were there. After dinner we bought some snacks in a little store close to the boat and then everyone except me and Erik went back to the boat. We went for a walk round the golf course and sat down and enjoyed the view over the town.

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