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A Very Calm Day

Today I had a very calm day. I chose to stay at Gunilla tough everyone in starboard had free time and could walk around the streets of Havana if we wanted to.

You might wonder why I didn’t chose to follow my classmates, but the thing is that, from time to time, you have to slow down the pace and rest, something that you often forget on Gunilla.

Some things have changed on Gunilla, since the last time me and my class were onboard: having Lill-Britt and Maria in the kitchen is nothing else than a blessing. This trip we are having better food than ever before. Already by breakfast, the culinary surprises kicked off. We got chia pudding, raspberry flavored yoghurt, freshly baked bread and several marmalade choices, which already there is extraordinary, on Gunilla.

So after the morning gathering I went back to bed to sleep for a while, and later woke up by lunch, just in time to get to taste some of the delicious food that the chefs served. French fries and vegetarian bean burgers, with coleslaw and rémoulade sauce. It really was delicious. After that, I needed to be productive, so I cleaned and organized my wardrobe, leaving cabin eleven in top-notch condition.

Port side watch did some work in the rig during the day, some sitting in the boatman chair and living life on the badunes.

Late that night, after watching Mamma Mia 2, I went to wash some of my clothes by hand, cause I really needed to. You see, we cannot start any of the washing machines because we're almost out of water on board. By the time we will set off for Belize, washing our tarstained clothes will be most appreciated.

/Kyra Jonsson, Starboard


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