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A very normal day on Gunilla

Today has been a typical day at Gunilla. Routines, routines and routines. Eat, sleep, work repeat.

The day started out with watch for Portside watch. When we came out on main deck we saw that all sails except Mesan was up. It was nice sailing again even though the wind wasn´t very strong. Right now it´s hot and sunny. We are trying to find better wind further north so we hopefully can sail to the Azores. It sounds like a good idea since I heard that we don´t have enough fuel to make it all the way by machine.

On the watch we were up in the rig and did some work and even put up the mesan sail. So now every sail we have is up. After that I finally got to remove rust that I´ve been longing for. It´s the best maintenance, but I doubt the ones sleeping under deck found it as fun as I did. After our watch it was time for lunch. Today omelet was on the menu. Up to now we´ve had lessons and more fika.

As you can see it´s been a very normal day here on Gunilla. This is sort of what everyday looks like. The life here is very dictated by routines. Even though what we are doing is very exciting and different from any other school, some days isn´t all that exciting. The life here gets normal to us and it feels like everyday life.

I hope everyone at home is feeling well!!

Agnes Öhrnell, Portside


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