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A Visit, a Spa Night and Frightening the Parents

Today was a good and interesting day. Port had the watch, and I was in the working force. It was interesting because we had a visit from the Swedish embassy.

The deputy ambassador and two others from the embassy came, along with their kids. We showed them around on the boat and they all thought that it was very cool. After that we had a real Swedish traditional meal consisting of “Falukorv” which the deputy ambassador thought was really funny. She asked if we always ate Swedish food, but we explained that our chef just wanted to allow her to have a full Swedish experience while onboard. We were also allowed to ask her about her life, the life in Morocco, her experiences, the Swedish embassy and how the people of Morocco have reacted to the recent Quran burnings that have occurred in Sweden.

Two hours later we said goodbye to the visitors and the free watches went downtown to explore the beautiful Tangier, while us in Port watch continued to work. Some of the watch worked aloft in the rig. They had to do a very important thing that’s called mousing. Mousing means wrapping a thin metal wire around a shackle to secure it, which ensures the safety of everyone onboard. It was a lot of fun if you ask me as I love climbing aloft.

In the evening, our director of study organised a spa night. Face masks, massages, nail painting and henna. Henna is a kind of black or brown coloured paste that you paint in beautiful patterns on your skin, most commonly on your hands. After it’s dry you peel it off and the colour is left on your skin, just like tattoos. But, for all the worried parents at home: it disappears after a while!



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