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A windy day

A windy day today and another day at sea. Another day just seeing ocean. Okay, not just oceans. I see other things to, beautiful things. Sun rises and dolphins and phosphorescence (Like stars in the sea).

This day started at lunch, a good lunch and that’s because of our chef Lill-britt, she serves delicious food and especially the bread she makes. We had watch under normal circumstances and because of the rough weather there was not that much to do. So in four hours we just sat down, talked, sang some Christmas songs and our leader of the watch, Mauritz actually made us work out some. That was fun.

After the watch we made marzipan pigs with Anne-Li, the Christmas spirit is not that good here but it actually doesn’t matter, we are fine anyway. After the very beautiful marzipan pigs I made, we watched a movie, the first Harry Potter. One of our goals on this trip is to look through all the Harry Potter movies. I think we can make it. It’s like two months left so we have time. Something that scares me a bit and at the same time makes me happy. We have so much left to experience and in these sixteen days we have been here, I have explored so much.

That was all from me, bye

Karolina, starboard watch


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