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Bacon and eggs

Every Sunday, no matter what, bacon and eggs is served for breakfast on our school ship and this Sunday morning, of course, was no different.

We filled our plates and started stuffing our mouths full. With empty plates in front of us just a few minutes later, my friend sitting next to me says “you know it will be a good day when it’s bacon and eggs for breakfast.”

This Sunday we did not only eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. We also ate birthday cake, a cake that was made for Melker on his nineteenth birthday. Now you may ask yourself; why do they eat the birthday cake in the morning, is that a Swedish tradition or something? The answer is no, it’s not a Swedish tradition but we are young, wild and free, sailing around in the Caribbean, and we can do whatever we want, almost. So we ate it, in the morning, deal with it.

We have rules on board our school ship. Some of whom you love, like bacon and eggs every Sunday. Some of whom you love less, like the rule that says we need to, when in port, stay on the boat every third day to work with maintenance. Today, that was my duty.

So while the others roamed Belize, I was obligated to stay and do boring maintenance on the boat. I got to clean tar off the deck almost all day and in the evening I cleaned the toilets. Not the funniest maintenance work if you ask me.

Here in Belize everyone needs to be back at the boat at seven o’clock sharp. Therefor we push our normal dinner time, six o’clock, back one hour. This means, less time on land than in other ports we visit. On the other hand we can all eat together and have a great time, something I enjoy it big time.

So was it a good day? I think so, and here’s why: I choose to see the positive things in every day because otherwise, living on this boat would be hell of a lot harder. Today I spent most of the day cleaning but, instead of focusing on that, I will remember the good stuff: cake, egg, bacon and a lovely dinner. The best thing is that at the end of this trip, I won’t remember the bad stuff, only the good. With all this being said, eat bacon and eggs for breakfast if you like, with hopes that it will magically make your day a good one. Or chose to remember the good stuff and remember every day, as a good day.

Good night, William


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