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Sunday, my favourite day of the week.

All Sundays starts with “stekfrukost” which is something me and my friends look forward to the hole week. A “stekfrukost” is simply a normal breakfast but with the extreme luxury of fried eggs, bacon and even sometimes pancakes (but only if our chef is at his best mood, in other words is pancakes for breakfast rare) This type of breakfast is by far one of the best things that the Gally has to offer.

Besides the breakfast Sundays have another great advance, no lessons! Normally I would spend these extra guard free hours sleeping, but today was special. The party committee, which I am a member of, had planned a competition for all trainees. We called it “Befälskampen”. All trainees were divided into four teams who all picked a team theme and name. Under two hours the teams competed in four different stations We judged them in points, best team theme and best team spirit. Despite some being grumpy because they missed their chance sleeping in, the competition was a success! Everyone where in a good mood and seamed to appreciate it. I think all of us needed something breaking our strict schedule to get our thoughts of school, guard and homesickness. You can really feel the end of the trip closing in. Almost everyone is counting down the days and hours till we meet our family and friends again. It’s sad that everyone seem to focus more on coming home than enjoying the last time here. I can’t blame them though, right now home feels super tempting. It will be nice coming home and being able to sleep, meet friends, have internet etc etc...But I think that for our sake we should try to live in the presence to be able to keep our spirits up.

Thank you, Agnes Arndt, Starboard


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