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Belize in the horizon

Today is our fourth day at the sea for this leg and it's for once very calm without high waves.

We can see Belize in the horizon and tomorrow morning we arrive, all of us are excited! I hope and think that we will have a nice time with a funny school visit, good weather and last but not least nice adventures. I´m especially excited over the one when we are going to snorkeling around in a coral reef.

It's by the way the national women's day today and we wanted to celebrate that onboard. We did it with a quiz and of course it was about women. At today’s watch (12-04) it was very hot so we did a shower with water from the sea. We also worked some hours and for the tree a ´clock fika we got pancakes with ice-cream and blueberry, it was delicious! After our watch we had lessons in the big mess as usual and today we did preparations for Belize, for example geography and Swedish. The assignment in Swedish is about minorities in all the countries we visit and it's very interesting. In Jamaica we visited Rastafarian and here in Belize we are going to see Mennonites.

I don't have that much more to tell you right now about our lives here onboard. It's almost always the same and that's pretty cool. The days are very sunny with a temperature around 30 degrese. The nights are usually warm and the sky full of stars. It's hard to describe for someone that haven't been here but it's amazing and beautiful!

I hope you have had a great day and soon you will be informed about what we are doing in Belize!

Elin, Portside


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