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Best of Biscaya

Today was quite a special day, because this was the day we were going to change timezones, which gave us a full extra hour in the day to do a thing called ”Best of Biscaya”, a competition between the watches challenging ”body, head and soul” in the form of three challenges.

The first challenge in ”Best of Biscaya” was a game of tug war, that
Portside won after a hard match resulting in very sore hands and arms.
After that it was on to the ”Biscaya cultural exhibition”, which
consisted of dances and plays us watches had prepared beforehand, that
were then graded by the other watches and crew members. Us in Starboard
made a flashmob with the help of brooms, which I think turned out very
well if you ask me. (Although I may or may not be biased).

Unfortunately we weren’t good enough to win the part though, which
Midships ended up doing well deserved. The last, and maybe biggest
competition was an all rounded quiz, including but not limited to
questions about the countries we are going to visit, song names, and
facts about tall ships. I am not sure who won that one, but Portside
ended up winning the overall competition. The prize was something very
sought after; Swedish chocolate. Very hard to come by in the middle of
the ocean. If you didn’t stash up beforehand, that is.

As if not enough fun had already happened for one day, during our
nightwatch we all watched Hunger Games on the sail, after our bosun
showed us pictures from his youth when he sailed through Europe. I was
very cold, but it was still fun.

Mathilda Birgersson Lindberg, Starboard


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