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Bienveu, bonjour… I suppose that is what the French say

Yesterday we left Portsmouth to set sails for Cherbourg. At the time for departure the wind was moderate and when sailed out from the narrow sound our thoughts especially went to those who 72 years ago started their journey towards the D-day beaches.

The Thousands of ships and tens thousands of soldiers that gathered here for the largest amphibious operation in mankind’s history, and the fact that our route was similar to theirs, gave the experience another dimension.

The journey over the channel was tough and especially for those that becomes seasick. In my watch I and Maja where the only people who didn’t felt it, but that meant that we had to compensate for those who didn’t managed the waves. It was fun but after the watch you felt asleep quickly.

The following morning we arrived to Cherbourg and we took our first steps in the town. The town is cosy and the small stereotypical bakeries fulfilled my expectations. Tomorrow we will go on a road trip to see the Bayeux tapestry, Omaha beach and booth German and American memorials.

Simon Borg


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