Öckerö gymnasium

Biscaya is waiting

At 6.am someone pulled my curtain and said: Selma, it’s time to wake up, you are “backis”. I wanted more than ever to stay in bed but I knew that if I do that, I will fall asleep. So I pulled myself togheter and left bed.

With tired steps, I went up to the kitchen, called “Byssan”, to make breakfast. I don’t know if I still was asleep when I made breakfast because I don’t remember much of it.

After the morning meeting midships began our guard. We fixed everything on the boat and then waved goodbye to Cherbourg. The sight of land slowly disappeared and we were out on sea again. But this time our sight was set at a warmer place, Lisbon. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’ve been missing the heat and the warming sun. The weather on this voyage has been shifting. In the morning it’s cold, at lunch the sun often shines but it won’t take long before the clouds start to cry.

When I went down de hall to my cabin I heard someone sing ”what shall we do with the seasick sailor?” That’s a good question because it’s said that Biscaya can be very wavy and windy. One in the crew said “Be happy if you can keep your breakfast”. I recommend you to read the blogs that are going to be published the following week because they might be interesting.

Selma Dellve, midships


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