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Today we woke up to Sunday breakfast which means, pancakes and scrambled eggs! On my way to this amazing breakfast, I felt like I never slept. My legs where so heavy and my eyes wanted nothing more than to stay closed. Yesterday we went hiking up the big mountain in Gibraltar and at the end of the day, we were 35 000 steps richer

. Although the experience where amazing, right there I didn’t really feel like working all day. Gladly I manage to change with a friend and got a spot as one the “fartygsvakter”. As a “fartygsvakt” you are in charge of checking the ropes and the fenders. We also go around the boat every hour to ensure that everything works as It should. Luckily everything was in order, unfortunately that doesn’t make a great story…

My mind sometimes flew to other places, and I couldn’t stop thinking about all our trips with Gunilla. This is our third and last trip, and I think you can really tell. We are like a big family and all tough we graduate soon; I feel so many of my classmates will be in my life forever. Without them, these trips wouldn’t be the same at all.

I so often find my self have such a great time in a situation that could have been horrible if it wasn’t for the great company. For example, last week, me and my friends went to this Indian place. The service where slow and soon we understood why… The place had no chefs but called in one by the time we ordered. The food was in theory cheep but in relation to what we got, it was expensive… luckily, we were able to laugh it off.

The similar things happen all the time and I’m just really grateful to be a part of this class and our journey with Gunilla. Apparently, one of the best things to do in order to make a class super tight, put them on a boat without connection to the outside world and make them se the best and the worst of each other.

Inez, Starboard


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