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Blogg may 20

The day began as so many others here at Gunilla, by getting woken up in time for watch. Breakfast was eaten, and then we started working.

I stood watch for four hours listening to the waves crashing against the boat as I steered her along, or was on the look-out for other ships. We made a decent speed at 11 knots, which was nice, and even though it was sunny outside, it was quite cold. Nothing much interesting happened during our watch, except for the fact that we caught a big fish,that was eaten for dinner the day after. After our watch we had time to study. Chemistry reports were written, English essays as well, and even a few experiments in physics were done. After that the most of us went to sleep. It’s funny how tired you get from doing what seems so little. You wake up, work, eat, study, eat, sleep, work, sleep, and repeat. The routine is sort of calming after a while, you always know what to do depending on the time of day. At 4 am you get of your watch and go to sleep. At 4 pm you go of watch and study. At 6 pm you eat dinner. At 6 am you’re a sleep. I think it’s very nice in a way.

After getting even more sleep, we were woken up by the portside watch, and I put on as many layers of clothing as I possibly could. My jacket, which I had lost, was found again to my outmost joy, and I went out to stand watch. It’s colder at night, especially if you have to steer or look for other boats, so I always try to think ahead. If you have on a lot of layers you can take some of and still be warm, and you can have a pair of gloves and a hat just inside the door if it gets colder. Still, it’s warmer than I would have expected.

Since we’ve been out at sea we’ve seen a few cool things I’d like to mention just to make you a bit jealous. We’ve seen sea turtles, dolphins, and a jelly fish called “ the Portuguese man of war”, which is really colorful and pretty! One thing that surprised me was the moonrise. I don’t know if it’s the same at home, but you never see it, or if it’s something special about this place, but the moon is a fiery orange for the first few minutes of the moonrise. The first time I saw it I swear I thought it was the sun.

Sofia Philipson


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