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Blood moon

I woke up around 7 in the morning when a crewmate from a different watch
came by to wake me. I'm usually pretty easy to wake and tend to be the
first one up among my bunkmates, which often means I'm the one who has
to get them moving.

I've got a good hour to grab some breakfast. My breakfast consists of 4 peanut butter sandwiches and a glass of water. After that, I change into proper clothes before the less than exciting 4 hour stretch of standing around begins. I headed outside on time and started chatting with some friends from other watches who were waiting for us. Then the bell rang, signaling the start of our watch, and we took over from the previous crew to steer the ship's operations. In my role, I steer the ship, keep an eye on the
crew's work, and watch out for other ships. These tasks switch every 30

Being on lookout duty might not be the most thrilling job on the boat. It mainly involves just being there, and it can get pretty chilly. However, the night shift offers a bit of a perk since you can enjoystargazing and even catch glimpses of cool sights like the blood moon that we got to see this day. Not to forget the nice midnight fika, which consists of 2 muffins and hot chocolate.

Vidar 29/8


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