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Bremerhaven or Hawaii?

It’s Thursday and we have almost arrived at our next and last stop, Bremerhaven, Germany. Almost. Today we dropped the anchor a little bit outside of Bremerhaven, where we are going tomorrow. The reason why we are anchoring is because we arrived one day earlier than we expected.

We had lots of work to do before we could drop the anchor. We had to raise the sails before tying them down. It’s kind of fun to tie down the sails. I like to climb in the mast as it gives you an adrenaline rush and a cool view. Even though tying down the sails is heavy and potentially very awkward, I like it. For example you can be as loud as you want and nobody cares because they can’t hear you. You can’t disturb people that are sleeping because they are deep down in the boat and it's impossible to be loud enough to wake them up. We in the Port watch have a really hard time being quiet so being high up in the rig is very good for us. However, after we anchored it was time for a barbecue. Everyone onboard was there and ate the delicious food that the cooks had made on the grill. With music, Hawaii shirts and sun-hats on it was time to party. It was really nice and you could almost believe that we were at Hawaii and not on a boat near Germany. Later in on the evening we saw a beautiful sunset. We are arriving in Bremerhaven tomorrow and I’m excited to explore the city. Who knows, maybe Bremerhaven is more like Hawaii than you’d think. Now am I tired and it will be so comfy to sleep. Luckily I am not going to sit anchor watch, it is only the seafaring class that needs to so I can sleep the whole night. You sit anchor watch so the anchor doesn’t drift away, there is a strong current so you need to be attentive if the boat starts moving.

Elise, portside


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